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ABOUT THECIRCUIT / Plug in and upgrade your life experience

In order for our purpose in life to be fulfilled we have to tap into our Source of power.  Our lives are like circuits, to get to the power there is a process to close the open loops of discouragement, stumbling blocks and connect to the happy moments and celebrations of life which are connected to our destiny.  In order to have power we have to stay connected to The Source.

Through interactive experiences, theCircuit will provoke your thinking in the areas of relationships, abundance, and balance.  This series of events is targeted to lend an insightful experience of healing, engagement and inspiration designed for attendees to live their best life.   theCircuit is designed to help you along this journey called life, so “Plug in and upgrade your life experience.”



I’m Candi Cylar and I’ve used my 20 years of project management experience using my gifts to create memorable moments.   I am also the founder of A Crystal Stair and theCircuit. I jump out of bed with a big smile on my face each morning because I want people to continue to find happiness through practical Christian principles.  

I’m on a mission to live on purpose and I have a passion to help others live on purpose and live out their destiny.